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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School

The Staffroom

The staffroom is a place where you can relax and unwind.  It is also a place where you can find some of our school information.

The staffroom is open to all staff, teachers and support staff throughout the day. Students on teaching practice and volunteers in school are also free to use the staff room.

Students from schools on work experience are designated their own room rather than using the staff room.

The following guidelines will help everyone to have a happy staffroom life:

  • There are no “special” chairs for personal use.
  • Please wash up and put away all your pots.
  •  Please do not leave your belongings scattered around.
  •   Please leave the staffroom tidy.
  • Please return all borrowed items to the correct place.

Located in the staffroom are the following:

  • Staff Notice Board

Calendar events, changes to calendar events, urgent messages, requests, etc. can be written on the board.  Please look at the staff board regularly.

  • Staff Pigeon Holes

Letters, notes, etc. will be put into your staff pigeon hole.

  • Notice Board

Timetables, rotas, staff meeting agendas, INSET and Partnership information, SEN notices and union information are displayed on this board.

  • Tea and Coffee Making Facilities

 If you wish to use the tea and coffee provided in the staffroom then please speak to the school office so they can put you on the list. Depending on what you use, they will work out home much tea money you owe each term. Please pay your tea money promptly each term.  Please wash up and leave the area clean and tidy.  Return mugs to the correct places.

  • Lockers

There are spare lockers available for use.  Any empty locker/locker with a key in it may be used.  Please make sure that you never leave bags and valuable items unattended.