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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School

First Aid

You will find First Aid kits in the medical room, the school office and the annexe. You should wear plastic gloves etc. when dealing with body fluids.  Yellow bags for the disposal of clinical waste are available in the Caretaker’s Room.

All minor accidents should be recorded in the accident book which is next to the First Aid box at each point. 

Other accidents must be recorded on accident report sheets which are in the School Office.  Broken bones have to be reported separately to County and/or the HSE depending on the circumstances. 

Please make sure that any child who has a bang on the head or has been administered any first aid is given the appropriate slip to take home.  See policy below.

Replacement stock for First Aid boxes is kept in the school office and site manager’s room.

Please make sure that any child who is cooking uses a blue plaster to cover any cuts etc. 

First aid kits need to be taken on any trips out of school (ready prepared ones can be found in the school office).