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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School

We aim to deliver a high-quality education that engages, inspires and challenges our pupils, providing them with the technical knowledge and skills to write with fluency and creativity.  Pupils will learn the structures and features of a wide variety of written texts.  They will learn how to critique, plan and create their own writing with developing accuracy in spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Ensure excellence in teaching and learning within a high quality learning environment, through leadership and within all aspects of school life. Celebrate our pupils’ writing and successes through an engaging and purposeful curriculum.   

Create a positive atmosphere where everyone feels happy, safe and valued; where consistent encouragement, praise and effective feedback lead to success and development in writing.  Provide purposeful opportunities for children to write at length in a variety of styles across the whole curriculum.  Ensure children develop independence to support and improve their own writing.  

Allow children to explore and take inspiration from a wide range of writing.  To ensure children are able to write for a wide range purposes.  Allow children to learn from their mistakes, encouraging them to edit and improve their own work and compassionately critique the work of their peers.


More information on No-Nonsense Spelling: