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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School

Wider curriculum opportunities refer to activities and learning experiences beyond the core academic subjects that students are taught in school. These activities encompass a wide range of subjects such as art, dance, sports, and community service. Wider curriculum opportunities are an important component of our well-rounded curriculum as they provide students with opportunities to develop new skills, interests, and perspectives.

Participating in these activities can help students build confidence, develop teamwork skills, and explore their passions beyond academics. These opportunities also help students see the relevance and applicability of academic subjects in real-world contexts, making their learning more engaging and rewarding. In addition to our core curriculum, our school provides a broad range of wider curriculum opportunities that give students the chance to learn, grow and develop.

Our extra-curricular clubs cater to a variety of interests, including: The Saints, Irish dancing, gymnastics, book club, football, art and athletics. Students have the chance to work with local artists and historians and participate in residential trips. Our students are respectful, kind, and supportive of one another, as evidenced by their behaviour and their participation in school activities such as caring for our school chickens, Fudge and Oreo, and singing at the local Age UK Christmas party.

We also foster student leadership with twelve different councils, including the Sports, Reading, and Writing Councils, giving all students the opportunity to take on a leadership role. Finally, we provide our students with social opportunities by engaging in activities such as singing to local nursing home residents and participating in collaborative choir or sporting events.