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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School

The History of SFSM

The History of St Faith & St Martin Church of England Junior School
Our school story began in 1868 - and whilst we have moved around a little, we have remained a proud and consistent feature in the education and support of Lincoln city children, and their families, for over 150 years.

St Faith
The parish of Lincoln St Mary le Wigford purchased land in West Parade in August 1873 and built Infants' and Upper Schools, which opened as National Schools in January 1876. The Upper School became a Girls' School in 1878, with older boys sent to other schools until a separate Boys' School was opened in January 1890.

The Boys' School was known as St. Faith's Central School Boys' Department from September 1923. In 1931, boys over the age of 11 were transferred to the new Rosemary Boys' School, and the Boys' School became St Faith's Junior Boys' School. At the same time girls over 11 were transferred to other schools and the Girls' School became a Junior Girls' School. The two Junior Schools were re-organised as a Junior Mixed Department in 1935.

The Junior School became a Controlled School in 1949, as did the Infants' School in 1950.

In September 1971 the Infants' School became a First School for 5-8 year olds, taking up the whole of the West Parade Premises, and the Junior School became a Middle School for 8-12 year olds, based in the former Rosemary Boys' Secondary School building in Hampton Street [now St Faith and St Martin CE Junior School].

The First School moved to a new site at West Parade in September 1974, and was later re-organised as an Infant School [after 1982].

St Faith Middle School was renamed in November 1975, when the vicar of St Faith's Church announced, at the St Martin Day service, that the school would - from that day forth - be known as St Faith & St Martin Church of England Middle School. This was because the school was the main feeder school for both St Faith's First School & St Martin's First School.

St Faith & St Martin Church of England Middle School was renamed St Faith & St Martin Church of England Junior School in 1984 when the St Martin's First School closed and St Faith's First School became St Faith's Infant School.'

St Martin
The school was first opened in Hungate on 13 January 1868 as Lincoln St Martin's Parochial School, with separate schools for Infants and Mixed. On 11 January 1869 the boys moved into their own premises, resulting in the creation of a Girls' School and a Boys' School. The Boys' School moved to new premises in Beaumont Fee in 1896, leaving the Girls' and Infants' Schools at the Hungate premises.

The Infants' and Girls' Schools closed in October 1929, and re-opened on 5 November as a Junior Girls' and Infants' School. Girls over the age of 11 were transferred to the premises of the newly closed Spring Hill Council School, which became Spring Hill Girls' School, and the pupils from Spring Hill were admitted to St Martin's.

The school became a Controlled School in 1952 and was re-named St Martin's Church of England Controlled Primary School. From 1 September 1971, the school was re-organised for children up to the age of 8 instead of 11, and re-named St Martin's First School. Children over 8 were transferred to St Faith's Middle School.

In September 1978, the school was moved into the nearby premises of the Spring Hill Music Centre. The school was finally closed on 18 July 1984, with the children transferred to St Faith's Infants' School and Nursery and St Faith & St. Martin's Church of England Junior School in September 1984.

The modern day - our most recent expansion (2018)
Here you can also click on the pdf files to get a view of the 2018 school build and any associated documents. We are really proud of the continued development of our school site, along with the impressive facilities and grounds, our church school continues to offer.

New Hall

New School Hall