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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School

We aim to deliver a high-quality Physical Education and Sport that engages, inspires and challenges our pupils, providing them with the knowledge and skills to improve their health, engage in wider sporting opportunities and develop the aspiration to participate in wider sporting opportunities.  Pupils will understand the role Physical Education and Sport has in shaping and enhancing our future.

Ensure excellence in teaching and learning within a high-quality learning environment, through leadership and within all aspects of school life. Celebrate our pupils’ sporting and physical talents and successes through vibrant curriculum opportunities that cover all aspects of physical education and sport: dance, games, gymnastics, swimming and outdoor and adventurous activities. 
Create a positive atmosphere where everyone feels happy, safe and valued; where consistent encouragement, praise and effective feedback lead to success and development in sporting and physical talent. We aim to we aim to encourage all children to develop the fundamental skills and competence to excel.
Allow children to explore through stimulating learning environments where they encounter both physical and competitive  learning experiences.

Spirituality in Physical Education
Spirituality can be defined as the connection or relationship a person has with something greater than themselves. Incorporating spirituality in primary school physical education can have numerous benefits for children, such as enhancing their well-being, calming their minds, and promoting mindfulness.

One way to incorporate spirituality in physical education classes is by encouraging children to appreciate nature during outdoor activities. Activities like hiking, exploring the environment around them and spending time outdoors can help children feel a sense of awe and wonder, sparking curiosity about the world around them.

In addition, incorporating quiet, mindful activities such as yoga, meditation, or deep breathing can help children develop a greater sense of inner peace and tranquillity. This can help them learn to focus their minds, regulate their emotions, and stay present in the moment. These practices can teach children self-awareness and emotional regulation.

In conclusion, incorporating spirituality in physical education classes in primary schools can have a positive impact on the well-being of children, helping them feel more connected to the world around them and promoting their emotional and mental health.