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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School

Learning FROM Home - PARENTS

There may be times when learning needs to happen at home.

To support this we have set up the 'Our Pupils' area on the website.

On the 'Our Pupils' section of the website there is a link for the pupil to logon to their Microsoft Teams account. Until the 8th March, this is where teachers will deliver daily live lessons that match our curriculum here at school.

Children will also be able to upload their work to their 'My School Work' space and receive daily feedback on pieces from their class teacher.

This plan provides equity to all our pupils and ensures daily contact with their class teacher. 

The key to home learning is to find your structure and the right balance. Too much and it won't be enjoyable - not enough and you will get bored and stop learning. 

We are always available on to support individual learning needs: if you require any support during periods of learning at home.