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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School

Learning FROM Home - PARENTS

There may be times when learning needs to happen at home.

To support this we have set up the 'Our Pupils' area on the website.

The section, ‘Learning From Home - Children’, highlights the BBC website where pupils can access lots of different paths and resources to support home learning.

We have also added packs of learning to support a more structured approach to learning - all pupils have been sent home with a 'Home Learning' booklet to work through when needed.

Should your child be continuing to consolidate their phonic learning, please click here to find a supporting resource for this. Your child's class teacher will be able to advise which videos would best support your child's current stage of learning.

Children benefit from feedback in their home learning and the answers to home learning packs can be found by clicking here. These are provided to support you and your children enjoying a positive, happy home learning experience.

The key to home learning is to find your structure and the right balance. Too much and it won't be enjoyable - not enough and you will get bored and stop learning. Just to help with the planning here's a timetable you may find useful, but remember it's about chatting to children and getting the balance right.

Another resource list to support home learning has been put together by the government and can be found by clicking here.

We are always available on: if you require any support during periods of learning at home.