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St Faith St Martin Church of England Junior School

I have an emergency when in class

        Send a child to the school office for an adult to come and help.

A child/adult has an accident

  • Give assistance as required or make sure that an appropriate person is giving assistance.
  • Record the incident in the accident book next to the first aid box.
  • Report to Health and Safety agenda at staff meeting.

I think a child in my class is ill / has a medical problem

  • Consult the School Office first.  If deemed necessary, the Office will inform parents.

I suspect that a child in my class is being abused

  • Follow safeguarding procedures.


I want to photograph some work / activity

  • All teaching staff are allocated an IPAD for use in school which can be used to take photographs and videos.
  • If photographs/videos are to be used in media for the public domain then please check the permission slip file in the office to make sure all your children have permission for their picture to be used.


I want the children to cook and/or sample food

  • Follow the Kitchen Rules.
  • Inform parents of the planned activity and seek permission for the children to take part if necessary.
  • Check with the school office whether any of the children in your class have allergies or reasons why they could not cook/sample the food.
  • Provide any child who cannot participate with an alternative activity or if necessary, because of allergies, arrange for the child to work in another classroom during the activity.

I want to organise an after school activity

  • Brilliant!!
  • Let the School Office know so they can add the club to the club’s letter.
  • Check that a suitable room/area is available.
  • Obtain a register of children who have signed up from the school office.
  • Give plenty of notice if the activity is cancelled.

If children have not got their P.E. kit

  • Remind them of when they need it.
  • There are some spare P.E. kit in the Deputy Headteacher’s office
  • Contact parents if they are consistently forgetting their PE kit.


If I want to find out about my pay and conditions of employment

  • Ask at the School Office for the agreed pay and employment conditions that are filed there.